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I’m trying something completely different with my new EP, Younger. I want to share the whole process with you! Get unreleased songs, videos, lyrics, insights, demos, and more.

“Your voice is amazing. I HAD to hear more from you. TOTALLY worth it. This is absolutely amazing!”

—Bethany M.

What’s Included

4 Unreleased Songs

Listen to all 4 songs from my new EP before anyone else. Hear the stories about their creation delivered straight to your inbox. Download WAV/MP3 versions for free.

Direct Access to Me

I’ll be with you every day. We’ll be able to talk over email or Facebook Messenger. Ask me questions and get direct access to me before the EP is released.

Exclusive Content

Get lyrics, live performances, making-of videos, production photos, liner notes, and more! All of it is exclusive content to this experience not available anywhere else.

“Your music puts me in a euphoric state of mind. This was an amazing experience. THANK YOU”

—Kenny T.

Welcome to My World

“Music helps us grow.”

That’s the quote that inspired me to start this EP. My favorite feeling in the world is turning on the stereo, putting on new music, and falling in love. Hearing a lyric or melody that stops me in my tracks.

I believe it’s a universal feeling. Ask a stranger half way around the world about this feeling and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. It makes you feel alive, excited, connected, and introspective.

My favorite songs are the ones that changed me. The ones that spoke to my soul and made me think differently.

So, I’d like to invite you to try something new.

I recently recorded 4 brand new songs inspired by the idea of growth. Growing up comes with many lessons. And they’re not always timely! I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on my life recently.

I want to share these 4 songs with you for FREE as part of an interactive online experience.

Each day, I’ll share music, stories, and bonus content about the background and history of these songs. I’ll also share special behind the scenes looks into the making of Younger.

Maybe it’ll help you reflect on your own life too.

Or maybe we’ll become friends in the process 🙂

See you soon!

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I’ve released a new song every month for the last 3 years. Ready to experience my first full project and go behind the scenes of Younger?